Focus and Strategy

Uncover your unique CSR-purpose and create business opportunities with a strategy the world will love you for.

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Reporting & Communication

Get your most important stakeholders involved in your business through focused reporting and communication about your CSR-purpose and results.

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Insights & Inspiration

Strengthen your purpose and unique position in the market with a full-circle overview of the trends and tendencies in the world around you.

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Implementation & project management

Activate your purpose and strategy through focused efforts and initiatives that are optimally aligned with your business model.

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Digitalization of CSR

Close the Excel-worksheet and send the value of your CSR-data skyrocketing, with a cloud-based system for easy and effective data management.

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Training & DIY

Learn how to develop and lead CSR as a business-discipline through teaching and guidance from experienced specialists.

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”Uncover your unique CSR-purpose and create business opportunities

with a strategy the world will love you for.”!

We strengthen your focus & strategy

To increase competitiveness and create a positive image, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of your company’s context, CSR-strengths and weaknesses. Based on our deep understanding, we help identify and define your unique purpose, and help you create a relevant, operational, dynamic and commercially oriented strategic approach to CSR.

  • Purpose, vision and strategic framework
  • Level of ambition and related targets
  • Materiality, risk and stakeholder analyses
  • Project descriptions and action plans
  • CSR-policies

We ensure effective implementation and project management

A strong execution of the CSR-strategy is crucial to project your image and realizing commercial goals with CSR. We are specialists in solutions for documenting and developing commercially driven CSR and sustainability measures, in practice. We can help you make CSR an optimal addition to your business model through implementation of the right initiatives, at the right time.

  • Code of conduct for employees
  • Project management of efforts related to the CSR-strategy
  • Mapping and reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate quotas for CO2 compensation
  • Responsible sourcing management
  • Optimization of social sponsorships and local engagement
  • Leading and organization of your CSR-organization
  • CSR-standards (e.g. GRI Standards, UN Global Compact)

We create reports and communication tailored to your stakeholders

Engage your most important stakeholders in your business through focused reporting and communication about your CSR-purpose and results. With our knowledge of reporting guidelines, CSR- standards, data management and communication design we can help you with creating a concrete CSR report, which clearly conveys the development on relevant KPI’s for responsibility in your company. We will also provide inspiration and input on how you can further integrate CSR in the company’s general communication and stakeholder engagement.

  • CSR-reports
  • CSR-reporting standards (e.g. GRI Standards)
  • Reports in compliance with the Danish Financial Statements Act
  • Cloud-based system for CSR Data Management
  • System for climate accounting
  • Internal CSR-campaigns
  • Communication design
  • Text production and PR

We digitalize CSR

Identification, collection, storage, analysis and reporting on climate, environment and employee data across the organization and value chain can be a complex process and highly time consuming. It is though highly necessary to ensure relevant and valid reporting and communication on your CSR- performance. We can help you implement a cloud-based system for CSR Data Management, which provides you with a digital infrastructure throughout the organization for easy and manageable handling and reporting of all your CSR-data.

  • Climate accounting
  • Environment reports
  • HR-data and activity log
  • Supplier dialogue and follow-up on Code of Conduct
  • Digital CSR-organization across departments and national borders

We provide the insight and inspiration to give you a sustainable head start

Trends and tendencies are constantly developing among customers, employees and throughout society. To ensure your CSR-measures remain competitive and differentiate your company, it is vital to keep on top of these developments. We can help you achieve an overview and prepare your CSR-strategy and purpose with insights and inspiration that gives you a sustainable head start and minimizes risks.

  • Trend and market analyses
  • Trend reports
  • Stakeholder interviews (internal and external)
  • Lectures and inspirational presentations
  • Training in CSR as a business discipline

We offer training and DIY tools

To realize your CSR-goals the whole organization needs to understand CSR and how to work with it as a commercial discipline. We can help you educate your leaders and employees in the many areas of CSR, as well as its different themes and instruments. Furthermore, we have strong experience with conducting cooperative CSR-projects where the SBS-consultant takes on a role as motivator, coaching partner and support for your company’s CSR-responsible employee, instead of taking on the role as primary driver and project leader. This will enhance knowledge creation and heighten the internal CSR- competencies in your company.

  • Educational courses in CSR as a commercial discipline
  • Training in CSR-standards (UNGC, GRI Standards, and more)
  • Training of employees in CSR
  • External CSR Manager in collaboration with internal support
  • UN SDG
  • CSR-certification
  • Help with CSR-competence clarification

”The world needs more sustainable business
solutions. So, let’s do it!”

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